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Relationships, Rights, Responsibilities

These polices include how the library relates to the city and the county, customer service, rights and responsibilities.

Behavior Policy

I. Purpose of the Policy

            The Wilton Public Library will provide a safe, comfortable environment that is conducive to the use of library materials either by individuals or small groups.


II. Expectations of Library Users

            Patrons using the library are expected to behave in a way that is appropriate to the library’s purpose as stated above.  Therefore, the following kinds of behavior are prohibited.

A.     Any behavior that is illegal.

B.     Any behavior that endangers oneself or others.

C.     Any behavior that is disruptive of the library environment.

D.     Any behavior that is abusive of staff members or other patrons.

E.      Any use of the library that interferes with the library’s purpose.


III. Responsibility for enforcing this policy

            The primary responsibility for enforcing this policy rests on the staff member in charge of the library when the incident occurs.  Any staff member observing the incident is encouraged to take action to stop the behavior and then refer the incident to the librarian in charge.  The staff member will document the incident on the library’s Incident Report Form.  This form will be kept in a restricted access file by the Library Director and will be used to track problems that are reported by staff and also those of a reoccurring nature.


IV. Procedures

A.     The goal of staff action will be to curtail a patron’s inappropriate behavior and to encourage the patron to behave appropriately in the library.

B.     Response to any incident should occur as soon as possible after the incident begins.

C.     Except in cases where the staff feel in physical danger, they will discuss the inappropriate behavior with the patron, suggest alternatives, and if necessary state the consequences of continued inappropriate behavior.

D.     In cases where an illegal or highly dangerous incident occurs, the staff member in charge is authorized and encouraged to call the police.

E.      In cases where a juvenile refuses to behave appropriately in the library, the staff member in charge may call the juvenile’s parents.

F.      When a patron continues to behave in an inappropriate manner after the staff has warned the patron that such behavior is inappropriate, the librarian in charge is authorized to tell the patron to leave and to call the police if the patron refuses.

G. In the event that the police are called, there will be an automatic ban (revocation of invitation) for 30 days.  If this occurs a second time, the ban will be for 90 days.  In the event of a third incident regarding police, the ban will be for 1 year.  If the patron comes on library property during the time of the ban, the police will be called to charge the individual with trespass.


Unattended / Vulnerable Child Policy


The staff of the Wilton Public Library welcomes patrons of all ages to visit and use the library and its resources.  We are concerned about the safety of all library users, especially children.  The library is not equipped, nor is it the library’s role to provide long-term or short-term daycare for children of any age.  Library staff cannot supervise children or act as substitute babysitters.


The Wilton Public Library recognizes the parents’ or guardians’ responsibility for the behavior and well-being of their children.   We respect the privacy of all library patrons and intervene only when a child is at risk.


The Vulnerable Child is an unattended child of any age who is deemed by the staff to be at risk.


If a Vulnerable Child comes to the attention of library staff, the parent or guardian will be notified.  If the parent or guardian cannot be reached, the police will be called.


Under no circumstances will the staff take the child out of the library.

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