Digital Copies of Wilton Area Newspapers

All newspaper records that the Wilton Public Library holds have been convered into digital files.  These files are able to be searched by name, keyword, year, or location.

Click here to access the Wilton Digital Newspaper archive.

The newspapers that are available in the database include:

The Wilton Chronicle (1867-1874)

Wilton Herald (1874-1876)

Wilton Exponent (1874-1876)

Wilton Review (1876-1885)

Wilton Daily Herald (1874-1901)

The Wilton Advocate and Review (1912-1921)

The Wilton Advocate (1921-1970)

The Wilton Advocate and Durant News (1965-1966)

The Durant News (1962-1970)

Advocate News (1970-1982)

Muscatine Journal (1 issue, 1976)

The New Advocate News (1980-1982)

Wilton Durant Advocate News (1982-1985)