Computer Use

The Wilton Library has public computers with Internet access and Free WiFi.


The Wilton Public Library provides computers for public use to offer educational opportunities to a broad patron base.  The computers may be used to provide learning opportunities, access to the Internet, for homework purposes and to encourage individuals gaining computer experience.  The library staff is available to answer brief questions on computer usage and to do troubleshooting when needed.  Staff members are not to spend more than five minutes at a time helping computer users.  Individuals needing more help should schedule a training session with the library staff.


In order to ensure fair access to the computers, individuals may be limited to 30 minutes of use.  Additional time may be allowed during non-peak times at library staff’s discretion.  Reservations for a computer can be made by phone or in person.  Work saved to the hard drive will be lost at shutdown.


Use of the Internet is subject to the regulations of our provider, netwtc.  The Wilton Public Library is committed to providing an environment free from sexual harassment.  Patrons shall not intentionally display on screens and/or printers materials that may be objectionable to others.  Individuals using the Internet must download to a disk or USB Device not the hard-drive.  Patrons are not allowed to load and/or run their own software on library computers.  Internet users may send and receive email through a web-browser based email client, do online transactions and use chat rooms of a medical or educational nature.


Use of the Internet and the computers is free of charge, however, there is a fee for printing. 


The computer is to be used by one person at a time.  In the case of a person learning computer skills, a mentor will be allowed.  All persons are expected to cooperate with library etiquette.  One warning may be given, but the librarian can ask any person ignoring this policy or library etiquette to forfeit his/her turn.


Free WiFi is available with a password checkout.