Faxing Service

The library has a fax machine available to the public.

FAX Machine

            The FAX machine is primarily for the benefit of the Library in processing Interlibrary Loan requests that cannot be transmitted on-line.  A fee is charged for use by the public.


1.      Types of requests accepted:

a.       The Library will receive via fax any library requests for photocopies, information or books.  It will fax responses up to five (5) pages.  Materials which are more than 5 pages or which are not urgent requests will be mailed to the requesting library.

b.      Non-library fax requests (for business or personal patron use).  The patron will be charged for both sending and receiving pages according to the listed rate schedule.

c.       Library staff may use the fax for professional library activities and administrative matters at no charge.  Personal staff use will be charged at the cost of the phone call.


2.      Levels of service and turnaround time:

The Wilton Public Library participates in and complies with the guidelines

of the Iowa Interlibrary Loan Network.  It will serve any other library which also participates.  Both urgent and non-urgent requests may be sent via fax.  The library attempts to fill requests within a reasonable amount of time or to meet reasonable limits designated by the requesting agency.

            This library treats incomings fax requests as quick reference and will fill them immediately, for a turn-around time measured in minutes.  The library will notify the requesting library if it is unable to fill the request within the time specified.

            Patrons receiving a fax document will be notified during normal library hours.

3.      Charges:

a.       Participating libraries will NOT charge other participating libraries for fax requests.

b.      If the patron request is for non-library information, the patron will be charged for each page being sent and for documents received.


Transmission cost for

International calls                        $5.00 for first page

Inside the United States              $3.00 for first page

Each additional page                    $1.00

Fax to an 800 number                  $1.00 total charge


Receiving cost                             $1.00 for up to 5 pages


c.       Patrons must pay for fax calls at the time they are made.  No provision is made for billing these calls.

d.      The library will not fax to “900” numbers.